Traumatised Veterans ‘Have Killed 120 in US’

 Well, this is something I have been expecting to see for some time and it finally came out. here is a graphic portrayal of the effects of war on our returning veterans. Obviously the Pentagon would loudly protest this this report but I have no doubt that this is just the tip of the iceberg! With enough research I am certain that the report is actually under stating the numbers.  I just wonder how many of these returning veterans have actually fallen through the cracks of the mental health services or were not even screened. This is one of those MUST READ articles. Go to Common Dreams. org and check out the article.

by Stephen Foley

While public anger is directed at the Pentagon for sending American soldiers ill-prepared to fight in Iraq, an equally troubling problem is rearing its head at home. Military veterans are returning from the war zone just as ill-prepared for civilian life and dozens suffering from post-traumatic stress are committing murder and manslaughter. More…


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