New Generation of Homeless Vets Appears

This is a story that I clearly identify with and who’s consequences I have personally seen for many years prior to the two current wars. It is a situation that takes place during and after every war that has taken place in the U.S. and abroad. I speak of the many veterans that are cast aside once they have served their country. They become forgotten pawns that face the repercussions of the wars, many times alone and many times reliving horrific memories of things no person should ever have to see or perform. As this linked article will show many have lost all. Their homes, their families, their jobs and even their dignity. And as in all previous wars they have had to battle a horrendous bureaucratic system just to get enough to get by. Many don’t make it. You have but to check the current rate of suicide among the past and returning vets, the reports and statistics are out there. I could write tomes on this but I will leave you to read the article by Erin MsClam below.
To those young people contemplating a few years in the military I say take heed! This might very well be your story.

AP Posted: 2008-01-20 09:59:40
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LEEDS, Mass. (Jan. 20) – Peter Mohan traces the path from the Iraqi battlefield to this lifeless conference room, where he sits in a kilt and a Camp Kill Yourself T-shirt and calmly describes how he became a sad cliche: a homeless veteran. More…

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