Spies on YouTube and Myspace?

Anyone who has done any sort of blogging in the area of politics, war, anti-war, protest, etc., etc. would not be surprised at this article I found on Raw Story. No doubt you have checked your site meter and found that you have been visited by a government site though I am certain that a number of them actually disguise themselves so as not to let on you are being spied upon.  Some might recall some recent stories such as:

Top Secret: We’re Wiretapping You, Wikipedia Hacked by U.S. Military  and Here Come the Thought Police  And many others. Well here is another one to add to the list. While there you might click on this one as well: CIA Monitors YouTube For Intelligence

In search for foreign intelligence, spies turn to YouTube, MySpace, blogs

Nick Juliano
Published: Thursday February 7, 2008
With rapidly advancing technology spreading across the globe, US spies are shifting their focus from surreptitiously photographing secret Soviet documents to trolling the Internet for what could be the next key nugget of foreign intelligence. More…


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