Undersea Cables Cut

Lately there has been a buzz across the internet regarding a number of underwater cables that have been cut off the shores of Saudi Arabia, The Suez Canal and as far off as India. A number of people are starting to voice conspiracy theories as to the causes of these cut cables more so due to the locations. Some are thinking its Al Qaeda others that it’s the U.S. in a lead-in to an attack on Iran. I happened to begin checking on this and when I checked Google I found links to 3rd cable cut, then a 4th cable was cut, then a 5th  cable was cut! All of a sudden it appears as if cables are being cut left and right in the Middle East, is there some explanation for this?
Some security experts are starting to get suspicious about all of this. There are a number of reports and articles out there. So far there is a list of 8 cables that have been cut, go here near the bottom.

Here I have two links that are of interest, though there are many more:

Cable Cut Fever Grips the Web

By Ryan Singel
Categories: Glitches and Bugs, NSA, Spooks Gone Wild
Are underseas telecom cable cuts the new IEDs?
After two underwater cable cuts in the Middle East last week severely impacted countries from Dubai to  India, alert netizens voiced suspicions that someone — most likely Al Qaeda — intentionally severed the cables for their own nefarious purposes, or that the U.S. cut them as a lead-in to an attack on Iran. More…

Fourth undersea cable cut near UAE, suspicions rise

Posted Feb 5th 2008 11:34AM by Darren Murph
Filed under: Networking
For the fourth time in a week, an undersea communications cable has apparently been cut (or “failed due to a power outage,” as some sources suggest), and while no official reports of subversion have surfaced just yet, things are beginning to get suspicious. More…


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