The Rise of the Imperial Class

I started this mornings hunt for links at Solar Bus where an article on caught my eye. The article, The Rise of the Imperial Class , starts off about a talk given by Matt Welch at the Cato Institute regarding his new book John McCain: The Myth of a Maverick about Senator John McCain. However Justin Raimondo, author of the article explains that the real focus here is the Imperial Class and how the military expenditures are ballooning while civilian economy is shrinking. Raimondo has a number of links throughout the entire article that help in bringing home the point as well as guiding one through the ins and outs of an elaborate maze.
It is an article well worth reading especially in these times when people are looking for explanations to the events regarding the economy and militaristic spending. Click below for the article:

The Rise of the Imperial Class

McCain is their avatar, and war is their mother’s milk
February 11, 2008

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