Pakistan: New Government?

It would seem that things are not going the way President Pervez Musharraf was expecting and he might need to start sending out his resume for a new post. It seems where ever you look in the news Pakistan is splattered across the screen. Here are 4 links that are well worth checking out.

Pakistani Opposition to Form New Gov’t

By SADAQAT JAN – 1 hour ago

Deal may spell bad news for Musharraf

By Syed Shoaib Hasan  BBC News, Karachi

Pakistan opposition unites to fight Musharraf

By V. Phani Kumar, MarketWatch Last update: 5:29 a.m. EDT March 10, 2008

 Pakistan’s parties forge a coalition of the wary

A common foe is all that unites ex-rivals after pact on power
By Kim Barker | Tribune correspondent
March 10, 2008
And here is what the Pakistani newspaper Dawn has to say:
Zardari, Sharif in historic accord: •PML-N to join govt at centre •Judges’ restoration in 30 days

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