Olympic sponsors May Need to Rethink Beijing Support!


Activist worldwide are watching! The internet is buzzing with snippets and whole reports regarding the Chinese crackdown in Tibet. Activist worldwide are monitoring any and all reports regarding the brutal crackdown and many have begun to turn their eyes towards the sponsors of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Even French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday that he cannot rule out the possibility he might boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if China continues its crackdown in Tibet.

Many Tibet activist say they will protest along the torch route in India, Britain and elsewhere.
Many sponsors will have to think twice about whether they want their products associated with what will surely be remembered as the “Genocide Olympics”.

In spite of China’s censorship of internet sites such as YouTube information is getting out to the world as well as first hand accounts and photo’s. On March 23, 2008 Timesonline.co.uk published a report where it names names in its article Ethnic repression in Tibet masterminded by faceless trio, and Beijing Wide Open puts faces to those names. No longer are they faceless! The world now knows who they are.
I am certain that activist worldwide and across the world wide web are already compiling lists of those companies that are sponsoring the Beijing Olympics and will no doubt be made public. Dream for Darfur , fronted by actress Mia Farrow wants companies to lobby Beijing. It has warned China that it risks having its games remembered as the “genocide Olympics” and is issuing “report cards” to rate sponsors on their Darfur policies. Director Steven Spielberg has already pulled out as artistic advisor. And the list keeps growing!

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Added: March 26, 2008
Mia Farrow makes a passionate plea on behalf of the victims of genocide and a boycott of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

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2 Responses to “Olympic sponsors May Need to Rethink Beijing Support!”

  1. Tedd Says:

    The pressure is heating up! Now that the issue of Tibet is in the picture it’s seems to be adding to China’s Flame of Shame! People are starting to hear more about this stuff when they didn’t know anything about it before. I’ve learned a lot more about the Tibet issue since the Olympics has brought it into the open. China’s trying to cover everything up and trying to do that only fanned the flame! It’s going to get hotter and people are getting angrier with China. I’m not sure why the Olympic committee gave China such a trophy?

  2. Says:

    Boycott Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Staples, Snickers, and other Bejing Olympic Sponsors.

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