Monday, March 31, 2008


Updates on Tibet Demonstrations – 29 March
Saturday, 29 March 2008, 6:13 p.m.

Update for Saturday, March 29, 2008, last updated 2pm (IST) Re: Tibet demonstrations
29th March, 2008
Lhasa – Massive protests erupt again after many days of suppression.
Around 2 PM (local time) in the afternoon, Tibetans gathered for a protest in front of Ramoche Monastery, Lhasa. Also, nearby, in front of Tsuglag-khang (Jokhang) temple and Beijing East road, protests were started, and thousands joined into the protests within no time.
These protests are happening after many days of intense suppression, where we witnessed Chinese armoured vehicles and tanks being brought in to forcefully stop the protests.
Massive “Patriotic-re-education” campaign started
Chinese authorities have stepped up the “Patriotic re-education” classes in regions beyond the “Tibetan Autonomous Region” (“TAR”).
Particularly in monasteries all over Tibet, “Patriotic re-education,” has been strictly implemented.
Over 100 senior officials have been sent to various prefectures and counties to lead the “patriotic re-education” campaign.
Due to lack of officials needed for the massive “patriotic re-education” campaign, retired members of Public Security Bureau (PSB), People?s Liberation Army (PLA), and People?s Armed Police (PAP) have been called upon to assist.
The former PSB, PLA and PAP members were told to dress in monk-robes and assist the “work teams” for “patriotic re-education” classes in monasteries. They were told that their pension and other benefits would be increased for the services rendered.
However, the former PSB, PLA and PAP members declined the offer, and were especially reluctant to deceitfully dress up as monks, as confirmed by a reliable source.

Source: Tibet Net News Flash


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