Olympians Need to Lead Protests


“We desire to advise you that we have decided not to take part in the boxing trials to be held in Montreal to select the Canadian Olympic team. More…

This is a MUST READ article at AOL Sports which I totally agree with. What really gets me is how was it that China became the host for the games in the first place in view of their human rights violations?
Multiple sources, including the U.S. State Department’s annual People’s Republic of China human rights reports, as well as studies from other groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented the PRC’s abuses of human rights in violation of internationally recognized norms.

And then:

In March, 2004, an amendment was made to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, stating “The State respects and preserves human rights.”[1] In addition, China was dropped from a list of top 10 human rights violators in the annual human rights report released by the U.S. State Department in 2008, while the report indicated that there were still widespread problems in China.
How did that happen? Coincidence? Highly unlikely!
As we all know there are tons of money changing hands between the U.S. and China both above board and no doubt under the table. This is the Premier Merchant Venture! As far as the merchants are concerned they will turn a deaf ear to the voices of the tortured and a blind eye to the bodies of the dead especially for a venture like this one of monumental proportions. The merchants concerns are PROFIT and nothing else. This is why the Olympians are the ones who can really make a difference by boycotting the games. No Olympians, No Games, No Profits! Think of it. The merchants are willing to invest millions for the sake of profits, yet what do they give for the sake of human rights? There is no profit for them in that area. If we take a really close look at it human rights is an area that merchants tend to stay away from since they are the first users of human resources which, for the most part are exploited. Why do you think so many jobs are being out-sourced to other countries?The Olympians are the ones who can make a big difference at these Olympic games.
They will have to decide if they will participate in human rights or the games.Just like in 1936 History will be their judge! They can participate but the Olympic Gold will be drenched in Blood!


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