Voice of Tibet Radio

During my early morning hunt across the Net I came across two important links that deal with the Tibetan Crisis. One is TIBETANFLAGS and the other is Voice of Tibet Radio. Here are the links to both.


Voice of Tibet Radio

The Olympic Torch will be in the San Francisco area this coming Wednesday April 9, 2008 and there will be protest there. Check local organizations in that area for schedules.

I hope this post provides comfort and informations for those Tibetans in exile around the world.


Update: April 5, 2008

————–   News Alert   ————–

Thanks to all the Tibetans and the Tibet supporters in SF for their diligent effort, the city board supervisors passed a resolution protesting China’s poor human rights record ahead of the Olympic torch’s visit to the city. The resolution asks city officials to express their disapproval when they receive the Beijing Olympic Torch on April 9. San Francisco is the only U.S. city to host the Olympic torch relay. The resolution also calls for an investigation into China’s actions in Tibet and its treatment of dissidents.

WHO: Tibetans and supporters in North America
WHAT: Protest China’s Olympic Torch Relay
WHERE: San Francisco
WHEN: April 8th & 9th
WHY: To show the Chinese government and the world that the Tibet movement is stronger than ever before and that China can never truly be accepted by the global community until the occupation of Tibet ends.

There is a map showing the route at their site

Source: http://www.sftorch2008.org/


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