China arrests over 2300 Tibetans in Tibet

5 April 2008 [For Immediate Release]

China arrests over 2300 Tibetans in Tibet

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) learns that the Chinese authorities are stepping up the offensive arrest drive inside Tibet with renewed vigour and fervour. The latest information emanating from Tibet indicates over 2,300 Tibetans from various parts of Tibet have so far been arrested by the Chinese authorities currently detained in detention centres located in Townships, Counties and Prefectures in various administrative regions of Tibet.

According to TCHRD documentation since 10 March 2008, the Centre has documented a list of 301 Tibetans whose identities were confirmed as of today.

The official web portal stated that on 3 April 2008 prominent officials of the three levels of courts of “Tibet Autonomous Region” (“TAR”) convened meetings to begin the trial of Tibetan arrestees. In the meetings, it was pointed out the procuratoracy courts will have to take immediate steps to solve the cases and to hand down necessary sentences to those who will be found guilty of violating the law and order.

The China Tibet News released a figure, stated that 1000 Tibetans were arrested for their involvement on 14 March “riots” in Lhasa City. The news of arrests came in the wake of statement issued by the Lhasa City, Vice Party Secretary Wang Xiang Min where he said that the law enforcement and vigilance has been stepped up in the Lhasa and over 1000 Tibetans arrested in various detention centres across Tibet.

Meanwhile in an explicit sign of renewed vigour to quell the protests, “TAR” Public Security Bureau (PSB) Headquarters issued a wanted list of 79 Tibetans involved in recent protest on 13 different occasions since 15 March to 3 April 2008.

The Chinese authorities also stated that by 1 May 2008, the Lhasa law enforcement bodies will hand over the cases of 1000 Tibetan arrestees to all the three levels of courts in “TAR” for formal trials and convictions. In the backdrop of China’s past record, TCHRD expresses its fears and doubts whether the arrestees will be subjected to free and fair trials in courts. Considering the closed nature of trials under the Chinese legal system and the absence of due legal processes, TCHRD expresses its grave concern over the fate of Tibetan arrestees whether they will be tried according to the domestic and international laws.

In London:

Olympic Torch Draws Protests and Clashes in London

By JOHN F. BURNS Published: April 6, 2008
LONDON — Protesters objecting to China’s human rights record clashed with the British police on Sunday as the Olympic torch was carried through London on its way to the summer Olympic Games in Beijing. More…

Free Tibet banner Westminster Bridge

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