New Dashboard SUXS 98%

What’s it going to take for WordPress to return our OLD DASHBOARD so we can do our thing! Went to the help section, typed in new dashboard and found the leader of the movement to get our OLD DASHBOARD back! Reaction to New Dashboard 98% Negative

Here is the ringleaders URL:

Below are some of the comments I found there. If there are so many people complaining why doesn’t WordPress do something?
I have a bunch of information to convey ( at a most critical moment ) and I have had to resort to emailing! Right now WordPress is impeding the flow of information!
I am posting these comments seen below so other WordPress users who don’t check out the forums or use the help button can see that a rebellion is forming on WordPress. Does anyone know the where about’s of Matt! Would it matter?
Hunterseeker Pissed to the Hilt

I don’t like at all the new dashboard.
How can I upload text documents now?
Can anybody help me, please?
Yeah, bring back my old dashboard……………… huhuhu !
*praying , crying and tearing*
I agree I am not a totally happy chappy. I am having trouble posting YouTube videos, and the spell checker don’t work… I do like the way it looks though, but I miss the old dashboard
Over the past year, I talked dozens of my friends to switch from Blogger to WordPress.
I started out on Blogger and grew to hate it. When I moved my blog to WordPress, it was a revelation — a breath of fresh air. But now I’m having my doubts.
It’s one thing to create enhancements and improvements. However, it’s another thing entirely to radically change the dashboard and in the process make it less — not more, user friendly.
This is a very poor design and what I’m seeing is lots of frustration and anger.
Bring the old dashboard back, WordPress. Scrap this experiment. It’s a failure.
Must have spellcheck, and when I tried to upload photos, everything just froze!!! Grrrr…
I think some of the frustration might have been avoided if we’d had any warning at all about the change. I do think that most of the problems will settle down pretty quickly and maybe we’ll start to see some of the benefits too.
The greatest “benefits” rosclarke, will take place when the old dashboard is returned.
Decided to do some spring cleaning on my blog this a.m. which involved re-categorizing my posts and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it with this new dashboard.
I’ve decided not to post for a couple of days while they get it all sorted!! Some warning would have helped those who got caught up in the first few hours. We could all have stopped using it while they did it.

Sorry to dissapoint but Mark said in some post that wordpress is not going back to the way it was… The bugs will be ironed out and everyone will be happy and holding hands in a field full of roses and violets…. Ok u get the idea…
So I suggest you keep complaining until they fix the bugs and when the bugs are fixed and if people still dont like it, well then, well c what happen…
I don’t dislike the new dashboard, I’m having _problems_ with it. Buttons to add links and pictures to posts open an empty window. I’m forced to use html. Anyone else that has this problem?
I dislike the new dashboard 😦
i want the old one back as well. or at least get back my image options that i liked. which included:
*being able to choose to create a link with your image
i have to say it is definitely not as user friendly and since most people choose the free version because they are looking for a blog requiring less coding hassle and ease of customization this is a step back.
ugh. is it possible to upload an image without it being auto-crunched to some arbitrary dimensions? (sound of hair being pulled out)
This calls for a armed rebellion!
How’s this working out for ya,’ WordPress? You’ve created a ton of unhappy members.
So they changed the dashboard, whatever I can live with it. But WHY DID THEY TAKE OUT MY SPELL CHECKER!!!!
Wordpress – if you are going to make changes to your product makes sure it doesn’t affect our posting abilities!

And this was only on the first page! There were many other pages!

WordPress Bloggers write your post and let others know of this problem.

To WordPress: With so many people complaining you should revert to the old dashboard.


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One Response to “New Dashboard SUXS 98%”

  1. Christopher Says:

    What angers and disappoints me is, WordPress just doesn’t care what the community has to say.

    The new Dashboard is running 96%-to-98% negative and yet the official word is “too fucking bad, it’s a done deal.”

    I’ll never recommend WordPress again.

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