Olympic Torch Goes to Buenos Aires

It would seem that the protest surrounding the Olympic Torch ceremony’s have been successful despite the efforts of the officials of the various cities where the torch has been. More and more people are joining the protest worldwide. So far the Torch has encountered protest in each country it has entered. Now it is Argentina’s turn.

The Torch will be in Buenos Aires on Friday and hopefully the protesters will be out in force there too.
The latest world leader to join is British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who will skip the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It would seem that the protesters have caused some IOC members to suggested an end to future global torch relays, citing the major anti-Chinese protests in London and Paris, but it’s not clear what precisely the committee plans to discuss with regard to the torch.
Now they can add San Francisco to that list. What about it Buenos Aires will you join in? Let us not forget Hong Kong, on Chinese soil! No doubt they will have massive security.

Even Barack Obama has now asked president Bush  to consider a boycott of the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympic games
What of Europe? The European Parliament urged European Union leaders on Thursday to boycott the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics unless China starts talks with the Dalai Lama over the situation in Tibet.

It would seem that Beijing now has its hands full as world support for Tibet continues to mount.
BEIJING, China (CNN) — Authorities arrested 35 people in a predominantly Muslim region of China for planning “violent terrorist activities” involving the Summer Olympic Games, the Public Security Ministry said Thursday.
However, Chinese authorities have not provided any evidence or sources to the public regarding any of the reported terror plots.

Buenos Aires The World is Watching!


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