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I just read a moving essay by Jamyang Norbu at his website Shadow Tibet and feel that I should invite others to go there and read it as well. Here is an excerpt:

How can we adequately describe all that has happened (and is happening) in Tibet? The media has been calling them protests, outbursts, demonstrations, riots, even uprisings, which is perhaps adequate when describing one isolated event, but completely fails to encompass the significance of this year’s 10th March mega-explosion. It is a revolution. Nothing less.

I feel that his works will no doubt be of historic significance in the Tibetan struggle as well as an example to all that hunger for freedom. Read: Don’t Stop the Revolution!

For those who are not familiar with Jamyang Norbu I have compiled here a series of videos, the first from The Tibetan Photo Project, and the next three from Lhadon Tethong’s interviews of Jamyang Norbu.

Meet Jamyang Norbu, Monk in Exile

For more information on the Tibetan Photo Project go to: http://www.tibetanphotoproject.com
In their first five years, working with simple single-use cameras, Jamyang Norbu, the Drepung monks and other Tibetan photographers for The Tibetan Photo Project reached 26 million Western newspapers and magazine readers with images that allow Tibet’s story to be reproted

Lhadon interviews Jamyang Norbu part 1

First part of an interview with Jamyang Norbu for Beijing Wide Open.
December 10, 2006

Lhadon Second part interviews Jamyang Norbu

September 17, 2007 Second part of an interview with Jamyang Norbu for Beijing Wide Open.

Lhadon interviews Jamyang Norbu part 3

While on the subject of Tibet I want to inform other’s here on WordPress as well as those visiting it that there are anti-Dali Lamas elements from Singapore that are now on WordPress. Beware! There have also been reports of Tibetan blogs and information sources being hacked.

For those interested in reading up to the minute reports you can go to Agam’s Gecko



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