World Food Crisis

Update: April 23, 2008:


April 13, 2008

As is always the case when it comes to economic down-turns it is the poor that bear the brunt of it. The current economic crisis is no exception. Already people across the different states have begun the practice of “ Dumpster Diving ”. I have seen at least one report of an individual being arrested for robbing food. People have to decide between gas, medicine and food. All of these are signs of an economy that is going from bad to worse. I won’t even get into the job and housing market situation as we all know disaster there.

Well, it came as no surprise when I ran across the report from Radio Netherlands: Rise in food prices leads to international crisis by Pieternel Gruppen dated 12-04-2008 where he reports of the emergency food crisis taking place in at least 37 countries. I have been keeping taps on the current situation in Haiti which reached a flash point this past week with at least 5 dead and Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis was ousted following deadly protests over rising food prices.
I hunted around on the net for other reports and articles and found these:

Food prices on the rise worldwide

As food prices rise, U.S. farmers plan to switch to soybeans

Poorest countries’ cereal bill continues to soar

And there are many more! It is a sad testament of the current human condition which in many instances has in fact been brought about by the rich countries.

You can also read more about the current economic crisis that is spreading on my post

The Next Great Economic Depression


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