Torch Relay Route Gets Shorter Each Time

Here is a humorous thought: At the rate the Torch relay route keeps getting shorter and shorter as it makes its way through each country they will soon be forced to make a lap around the airports they land in instead of around the cities!
The Torch relay route seems to get shorter each time they land in the next country and China’s baby-blue special forces, the People’s Liberation Army Sacred Flame Protection Unit (PLASFPU) keep taking on more of the appearance of Hired Thugs one might find at a strike! So much so that Australia has already said:
– Chinese guards traveling with the Olympic torch could face arrest if they lay hands on any protesters during its visit to Australia’s capital next week.
Obviously the Aussies plan on protecting their protesters! As for India they had to call out around 15,000 police to:

guard the torch later on Thursday as it takes a relay route, already shortened because of fears of demonstrations, through the city’s former British colonial boulevards that have been lined with barriers and wire meshing.

There goes that word again “ Shortened “ .
Japan isn’t taking any chances either:

Japanese authorities have cancelled a public celebration linked to the Beijing Olympic torch relay later this month in the city of Nagano due to security concerns, a local official said Tuesday.

I have no doubt that the Big Bash is going to be in Australia when the Torch relay lands in Canberra on the 24th. I am certain the Aussies are going to want to out-do the Paris, London, and San Francisco protesters.



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