Thai security greets Olympic torch

(CNN) — The Olympic flame arrived in Bangkok early Friday from New Delhi, India, where extraordinary security measures kept thousands of anti-Chinese protesters mostly at bay during a shortened relay on Thursday.
Relay officials said they’ve mapped an alternate path for the 80 torch-bearers if needed to bypass demonstrators along a six-mile (10 km) route that would take the flame by Bangkok’s major landmarks.

What other preparations have the Thai government made, well check this out:

You’ll be playing with fire

Any foreigner who takes part in protests during the run will be kicked out for good, police warn

From the Bangkok Post:

Passing the torch

The torch along with its stern-faced Chinese security agents arrived on a Chinese charter flight that was the only flight to land at the the military side of Don Muang airport, well away from the general public.
It landed at 2.40am Thailand time, and the Chinese embassy scared up around 30 Thai-Chinese to wave Chinese and Olympics flags (no Thai flags) as the plane landed, according to the news agency AFP.

An interesting note regarding these Stern Faced Security Agents comes from a Mirror UK article:

Annie Yang reveals Olympic torch guards place her into labour camp

By Laurie Hanna 12/04/2008
And this week, as Annie watched the chaotic scenes of the Olympic flame relay in London, the sight of men in blue tracksuits flanking the torch sent shivers down her spine.
Those men – members of the elite Flying Dragons – were from the same unit who snatched her that night.

Protesters in Thailand are aware that the authorities will probably change the route of the relay. You can probably get more information at NO TORCH IN TIBET who are keeping track of things.

Now it would seem that China is getting worried over it’s own propaganda. Check out this report:


And Like I Said Previously

The Olympic Torch Relay keeps getting Shorter with each stop!


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