CNN Web site targeted

Well it would seem that a battle has been raging between CNN and China over a commentary made on April 9, 2008 by Jack Cafferty regarding China or more correctly put, the words Cafferty used.

It would seem that the incident came to a head yesterday when:

About 1,500 pro-Chinese demonstrators gathered outside CNN’s bureau in Los Angeles on Saturday, demanding that a commentator apologize and be fired from the network over comments critical of China and the U.S. government’s relationship with it.

CNN was forced to apologize and said:

“It was not Mr. Cafferty’s nor CNN’s intent to cause offence to the Chinese people, and we would apologise to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way.

And continued with:

Cafferty was offering his “strongly held” opinion of the Chinese Government, not China’s people, the company said.

Apparently a number of Chinese did not consider the apology enough. A report on April 18 came out which shows the drastic measures being taken by them to continue their attack on CNN:

CNN was targeted Thursday by attempts to interrupt its news Web site, resulting in countermeasures that caused the service to be slow or unavailable to some users in limited areas of Asia.

Someone was trying to warn CNN about this attack but either the message went unheeded, was thought to be a hoax or was never opened:

UPDATE: Tried once again to contact CNN and warn them of the scheduled attack. If anyone has a better contact than just their news tip e-mail, please inform them.

That was on Dark Visitor who tracks exploits and government affiliation of Chinese hackers and he posted that on April 17.

Well what next I wonder. It seems that this matter is not just going to go away. I will be keeping an eye out to see what the next episode brings!



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11 Responses to “CNN Web site targeted”

  1. Jim McCarthy Says:

    I sent my congradulations to Cafferty about his comments on China. As I told him ” it’s refreshing to see someone not swimming in political correctness”. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and also looks like a duck, don’t call it a chicken. The chinese were so offended, they have been acting nothing less than like thugs. I guess they’ll show him.
    One other thing I was glad to see, Keith Olbermann was not afraid to agree completely with Cafferty the other night on countdown. I knew there was something different about these two. We need more like them
    Thank’S for your time,
    Jim McCarthy

  2. Liz Hoffman Says:

    Some facts to consider:
    (1) Cafferty’s comment supposedly was a reaction to the tension between the Daili Lama and the Chinese government over Tibetan independence (Tibet is already a speicial region in the Chinese system, and not a Chinese province).

    (2) Tibet was formally annexed to China during the Ming dynasty, half a millenium ago. This event had nothing to do with the current Chinese regime, of course. This event took place much earlier than the annex of a large terrioty from California upwards, from Mexico to the US, by force. One difference: The various Chinese governments over the centuries did not chase off the original inhabitans and kept the Tibetan political and cultural systems as the mainstream systems in that region. The American West had gone European. The original political and cultural systems were largely destroyed.

    (3) Survey shows the Chinese government officials have more favorable opinions of the US than the Chinese citizens do. (It is also doubtful that the “Chinese people,” whom Cafferty said his comments were not targeted, would have too different of a view towards Tibet than the Chinese government.)

    Some considerations:
    (1) What is the most effective approach for China to improve human rights?
    (a) Bar China, and any other nations that do not appeal to the West in terms of human rights records, from hosting international events
    (b) Promote interactions between the Chinese and other people of the world

    (2) What would be the likely consequences of boycotting the Chinese Olympics
    (a) The Chinese go into an introspective mode about their human rights record (assuming they perceive “human rights” the same way as the West does)
    (b) The Chinese react negatively and see the West as hostile
    (c) The Tibetans are elated because more ill feelings generated around the world and China could help the Tibetan cause
    (d) One more scar is added to the long standing tension between the Tibetans and the Chinese

  3. haha Says:

    good, thanks for cnn and americans like cafferty, you are the guys keep enlightening chinese ppl what the western world to them is!!!!

  4. Duck Fuhbya Says:

    As usual, Mr. Cafferty speaks exactly what’s on his mind, and again it’s the absolute truth!! Congrats Jack!! An honest out-spoken guy is EXACTLY what this country needs right now!!!

  5. M Says:

    CHINA, the rising economic threat!
    CHINA, the polluter!
    CHINA, the military threat!
    CHINA, the human rights oppressor!
    CHINA, the WTO rules violator!
    CHINA, the intellectual property rights pirate!

    So the litany continues….

    Nobody acknowledges the other side of China.
    5000 years of history! An epic cultural heritage!

    China tries to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world, while at the same time making every effort to advance the quality of life for its 1.4 billion citizens.

    Why are Americans and their allies demonizing China?
    Why the hostility?

    Is it because Americans are ashamed that they have annihilated the indigenous culture of their land and now have nothing more to offer to the world but McDonalds and a fast fading “American Dream”? NO, Americans aren’t ashamed (they have little shame) – they aren’t picking on China out of jealousy either. Simply put, they are scared. More so the government than the people… nevertheless, it is the people who allow the government to behave as it does and that cannot be overlooked.

    Culture is not fast food and a slogan – it is a developed and cherished way of life. America sacrificed culture for political and militant domination.

    Before I continue, let it be known that this is not an America-bashing rant; this is a statement of observation that I hope is appreciated and considered thoughtfully. On that, let me continue…

    Once upon a time America was defending all the noble causes in the world and was respected for that.

    Now, as the sole Superpower, America has failed to unite the nations, improve the life of its citizens and give hope to the disenfranchised of the world.

    Additionally, it is violating the rights of its own citizens and the world detests America for its failed (and ignorant) foreign policies, unjust wars, occupation of nations, human rights violations and disrespect for other cultures.

    In its own country America is mired in corporate and political corruption of gigantic proportions. It convinces its citizens that America and/or its policies are not the root of these problems – politicians place band-aids on gapping wounds and make themselves out to be heroes. All the while, their real focus and energy has been spent on reelection strategies, political donations and advocating a few bureaucratic and short-sighted bills which they will undoubtedly use to sway the public for votes.

    The political candidates who really are out to do well continually lose (re)elections because they don’t focus on media wars, nor do they have the corporate/private backing required to engage in the first place – for obvious reasons. This is a terrible paradox and one that has yet to be tackled by current office holders… Why? Because the majority of politicians who have the power to change election policies know it would lead to their own political destruction – over and out.

    The obscene corporate collusion of banks, multi nationals and the government is so perfectly executed that the average citizen is unable to comprehend the full extent of this perverse system. Instead of going on the streets and protesting against being emasculated, Americans helplessly throw up their hands in painful resignation, or even worse, engage in blind support.

    That was certainly not the attitude of the AMERICATHE BEAUTIFUL, the founding fathers rooted for. While we can never approve those European vandals which systematically annihilated the entire indigenous culture of America, we nevertheless must acknowledge their courage to conquer a vast land and produce a Constitution, which is the modern pinnacle of wisdom and humanity.

    While I believe that times have changed and the Constitution needs to be adapted to today’s realities, it still remains a formidably honest and unique rule of law which has helped America to become the super power of today and model for other democracies.

    But power corrupts! America and its citizens have been corrupted to the core. Perfidious and extremely clever psychological manipulations have seduced Americans to accept moral corruption as a way of life.

    Like all empires of the past, America is falling apart, drowning in its own gluttony. A victim of its own unabated greed and the fat delusions of a full belly!

    Like overfed, complacent and docile porkers, citizens are unable to take matters in their own hands and rebel against their brilliant exploiters and oppressors. Brilliant, because these minds have developed an ingenious system of financially enslaving their fellow citizens, while reaping enormous profits. Their mantra is cleverly wrapped into silken words about celebrating democracy and the docile acceptance of the travesty that is big business and political corruption.

    Confucius said:
    What is wisdom? To appreciate people!
    What is human dignity? To love people!

    While I deeply respect the Master, I am sorry to say I do not have the power to love those who are destroying the American Dream and robbing everyone else along the way. It is my hope that those who have the power to encourage change, will. It was the folly of the Romans, and most every other great civilization, to not realize soon enough that a watershed moment was upon them.

    Wake up America and recognize your plight. If you don’t change now, you never will.

  6. Alan Says:

    I remember my teacher ignored me during my US History class when i asked why US thought they had right to bomb Khaddafy, or dropping A-bombs to a city instead of a remote area. At one time, I was asked to leave the class.

    When I look back, I guess that US was still a lot better than the present one. If you like your $50 dvd player, you better thank god that there is a country with cheap labor, foul air, badly polluted to make it for you.

    How many products are made in China nowadays? You hear some stories with lead paints, but, out of how many millions different goods from China?

    Some citizens dislike the idea that they are getting rich and we owe them lots of money. But that’s not their fault if we spend too much on dumb things, including an unjust and stupid war.

    And honestly, have you ever seen any Chinese portraited nicely in any shows?

    Are we really that clean and noble?

  7. AFU Says:

    I am a 28 years old chinese .

    Though I do agree that some products my country produced are “Junks” , I don’t think that made me a THUG .

    I was taught when I was in school that one should think well before one speaks. Well, later I was told by one western friend that this is Chinese censorship and I agreed. One should enjoy freedom of speech and therefore I get to talk whenever I want it.
    But now maybe because I grew older, I more and more realized that one really should think well before one speaks bacause what one says might matter or even affect other people, of course supposing the others are not ignorant.

    Mr. Jack Cafferty of CNN certainly did not think in this way and spoke out freely to the whole world with help of his priviledged broadcasting job that I , as a normal chinese, and my family and my friends are all ‘basically the same GOONs and THUGs like in the past 50 years”. Gee, I was doomed to be one even before I was born.

    Later, he and CNN are “forced” to apologize that this “free” comment is meant to be given to my government and should not be taken personally .
    All right, I am cleared and so are my family and friends and fellow citizens. But Hold on a second ! I voted this spring! And what that means!?
    That MEANS I voted for a GOON and THUG government and that feeling hurts! I felt sad and I decided to think in a positive way as I learned from western culture.

    I decided that my government ,the one I voted, the CHINESE GOVERNMENT is neither a GOON nor a THUG!

    Here is one simple proof . The life of my family has become better and better for the past 30 years.
    My mother was a bus conductor and my father a bus driver and I am a flight attendant and I guess I am allowed to speak for the grass roots.
    And so are the opinions of my friends. Our living standard has improved and we even got McDonalds and Walmarts now! I think this should not be a reason for us to be unhappy, isn’t it? We are happy ! And we believe that the government – this communist government was and is OKAY , if not good, and definitely not a goon and thug.

    I demand Mr JACK Carfferty and his employer CNN to apologize sincerely to my family and my friends and my fellow citizens and my government and ME, if they could. If not , well, never mind . Personally , I have something more important after writing this article.

    Duck is DUCK and Chicken is Chicken. They can’t talk to each other .
    I am glad I learned English (or maybe not , otherwise I wouldn’t be bothered after viewing Mr J.C ‘S troubled remark) so that I could talk here and give my opinion. Mind you, it took me a while to decide wether I should write here- because I need to think before I do and I don’t like to think this.

    If you truely like or desperately hate China, interested or fed up with its land and people , you should all go to China and talk to the local Chinese people. Only from one’s own experience, I believe, one then may decide wether to love or hate.
    If that is not the case, do something meaningful to your family or your community.

    By the way, do you have chinese classes in school like we do English in China, that helps us to communicate better in the future, not everyone speaks English here. And it is not fair to curse only in one language!

    我觉得相比之下,CNN的 JACK CAFFERTY不真诚道歉的话,他才是GOON和THUG!

  8. Mike Says:

    Can you imaging if he say racist remarks to blacks? I bet he would fire right away. Chinese need to learn from blacks by creating more violence like riots. That’s the only way to get attention!!!

  9. Jack S Says:

    CNN has a persistent negative bias against China. It is like the negative tune against Jews before WWII. This is indeed an active form of American racism. Attacking Chinese products is nothing new. During the Chinese Exclusion Act, Chinese products are ridicules the same way. The truth is Chinese quality is at the same level, if not better, than US quality.

  10. klusH Says:

    Dalai liar Lama keeps making a fool of himself and with it the broader Buddhism (real Buddhism is non violent, kind to fellows human,telling truth & not like dalai liar lama’s Buddhism will kill to achieve their goal of telling lies) community. What has the Dalai liar Lama done for the Tibetan people other than been the head of a repressive regime(very corrupt,poverty everywhere,lack of healthcare,education,people starving…….) that got kicked out half a century ago? land of tibet were under China ruled more than 1400 yrs ago & at that time the presnet ethinic tibetan were not even there. Nowaday there are many ethinic minorities live in tibet, muslin,han,mongolian & other minorities……..

    The Dalai liar Lama is using his status (not earned but inherited) to get the connection into the celebrity club. This is not very ethical for a religious leader to do.

    So many people visiting Tibet and no report of genocide. Only Dalai liar Lama supporters and Dalai liar Lama falsely accuse the Chinese government of genocide(tibet is self-ruled by tibetans, all the legislature,law enforcement people & police are all tibetans & also tibet have several ethnic racial groups)Chinese central government give them financial & technical support – help them to build road,hospitals,schools,colleges,universities,libraries,railways,there are more than 24 trains a day coming in & leaving Llahsa – bring in all the foods,fresh produces(tibet is too high to grow fresh produces) at a bargain price & all daily needed goods & carry away all local products to be sold. Before tibetans used to die very young due to they drink high fat content yak milk & it was the Chinese bring to them & teached them tea, so now they live much longer life. Lawless rioters(incited by dalai lama group) violent riot against the tibetan & Chinese government by looting before burning shops and worship places of Han, other minorities & Muslim Chinese. That was Dalai liar Lama’s way(lawless looters & rioters) and his way of “peaceful protest”,many local tibetans(included local tibetans police got severely injured & also killed, which is denounced by all Chinese. When has Dalai Lama condemned the violence of his followers(actually he & his group planned the whole violent riot of 3/08 according to the reports) committed in Tibet in March this year.

    Dalai liar Lama mentors and political advisors were composed of Nazi war criminals such as Heinrich Harrer henchman of Heinrich Himmler and religious fanatical terrorists like Shoko Asahara responsible for the Tokyo subway gas attack but made a “living Buddha” by Dalai liar Lama. Seeing the behavior of Sharon Stone and her spiteful comments towards the earthquake victims sums up the mentality of the those who follows the Dalai liar Lama and shares his ideology. What about Dalai liar Lama’s other followers Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, etc? Notice how none of them spoke about offering aid to the victims of the China earthquake. Perhaps these celebs are indifferent to pain and sufferings of humanity just as the Nazis had towards the Jews when they gassed and machine gunned millions in concentration camps because they accept Jews were sub human, and just as Dalai Lama had done towards his own people when he enslaved, tortured and murdered Tibetans under his rule as a self proclaimed god.

  11. klusH Says:

    Paula J. Dobriansky, you are so biased, liar & evil. As tax payer, we paid you salary – you should be non bias conducting US Gov’t business. If you are not a coward then you should resign are extremely evil & prejudice. You will come down with incurable most painful cancer & waiting to demise with your love ones.

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