US threatens food aid drops on Burma

I went on my usual hunts across the net to gather information regarding the current humanitarian crisis that is taking place in Myanmar and came across this from the Australian News:

US threatens food aid drops on Burma

May 09, 2008
A US official has suggested the American military could drop unauthorised food aid over Burma, as the White House expressed outrage at the junta’s obstruction of international relief efforts in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.
The food drop suggestion was quickly shot down by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, but four American Navy ships were nonetheless heading towards Burma and US helicopters and air force cargo planes loaded with supplies and personnel began arriving in Thailand.

“We are on the cusp of a second wave of tragedy . . . It’s a race against time,” Australia’s Tim Costello, chief executive of the charity World Vision, said from Rangoon. “The urgency is great. The level of suffering is enormous.” Aid was arriving “in a trickle but it needs to be a flood because lives are hanging in the balance”.
Here are some of the faces of that tragedy:

Village at the heart of Myanmar disaster

To see how shamelessly the junta is conducting itself you can go here:

Myanmar wants cyclone aid but not foreign aid workers

YANGON – MYANMAR’S isolationist regime indicated Friday it wants international relief but not foreign aid workers following a cyclone that may have killed more than 100,000 people and left countless others without food, medicine and shelter.

For more first hand accounts go to:
There is a place where Burmese from around the world can leave information on this blog

I truly hope that all of this helps those poor people. I truly hope the Junta gets what it deserves!


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