EXTRA: France to organize, distribute its own aid to Myanmar

Paris – France is to make its own aid action for the victims of cyclone Nargis, sending the warship Mistral loading with 1,500 tonnes of goods, it was reported Saturday. “We have decided to act without waiting any further,” French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner was quoted by the French daily Le Figaro.
The aid is to be directly distributed to the effected. .., either by the ship’s crew or by French aid organizations,” Kouchner said, adding that “delivering aid directly to (Myanmar’s military) junta doesn’t come into the question.”

Bravo for the French, hopefully the rest of the international community will follow suit!

The military junta has shamelessly controlled the voting that took place over the weekend in spite of the on-going tragedy. YENI AND MIN LWIN from The Irrawaddy reported massive cheating at the referendum polling stations.

Asia Times Online reported:

A unilateral – and potentially United Nations-approved – US military intervention in the name of humanitarianism could easily turn the tide against the impoverished country’s unpopular military leaders, and simultaneously rehabilitate the legacy of lame-duck US

And here is news from a friend somewhere near the border:

This may turn out to be even bigger than the casualties in Aceh in 2004. A cholera outbreak could result in more deaths than the cyclone. Regime change is needed. I hope it’s being given serious consideration. No-fly zone could be maintained by probably only 2 US fighter jets. If there’s any offensive action, just hit Than Shwe’s house in Nay Pyi Daw. That’ll be the end of it.

If there were a stronger military on the ground giving protection to aid teams, Burmese soldiers would defect en masse, I think. Burmese people have been dreaming of such thing happening for years. Critics of the US want to see them welcomed with flowers and tears of gratitude?  They certainly will this time. Pre-emptive strike? Yes, to pre-empt hundreds of thousands more deaths due to the rejectionist junta.


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