Night of The Generals: Burmese Style

It would seem that General Than Shwe might have his hands busy as well as his eye’s! Did the generals astrologer lead him astray? Are those Naval fleets he sees in the ocean? Who is that behind your back general?

It might be there may be a change in the making! I don’t know for sure, I don’t have an astrologer like the general! Maybe some of your soldiers might be thinking of THEIR FAMILIES who are suffering in the Delta! Is that another general behind you General Than Shwe? Hmmm I wonder. Will the Burmese people finally get their wish?

If I were that astrologer I might be thinking about out-sourcing right about now! As for the general he might want to start reading The Irrawaddy rather than listening to his astrologer. But then again the general does not like to listen to people, foreigners even less!

Oh well, have a nice night general.


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