Myanmar’s Starving Children

What would you do if you had an isolationist neighbor who was starving his children simply because he did not want outside influences or interferences in his household? You would probably call the cops and they would probably break down his door, arrest him and take the children into protective custody.

Well, this is exactly what is going on except instead of the isolationist being your next door neighbor it’s a country who’s leader depends on an astrologer to advise him on national matters!
I have been posting on this situation from the start and it shocks me that all the international community has done is talk and what aid they have been able to send is being turned over to the Myanmar Junta who in turn have been selling it at the highest prices to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis and the international community does nothing! Right now thousands of children are starving. Currently it is estimated that one third of the dead in Myanmar are children ( video ).

When is the international community going to get off its ass and say dam to diplomacy and go in and help these starving human beings? I find it impossible to believe the degree of hair-splitting that is going on while hundreds even thousands are literally starving to death and a good part of them are children!
The international community should try skipping THEIR meals for the next couple of days and see what it feels like. You can read the latest report here: Starvation warning for Myanmar’s children

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