Saving children from Cambodia’s trash heap

I came across this story early this morning prior to leaving home for the day. It stood with me all day. Where ever I went I could not get the images of the video I saw this morning on the CNN Heroes off my mind. As I went through my day I saw children in the Mall, the supermarket, the streets and they reminded me of this video and the plight of the children pictured there.
While I know that mine is mostly an anti-war blog I felt that it was necessary to post this story here so that even more people could see what their plight is and in some way maybe help.
For those who feel the need to help I am certain that CNN has the contact information.
This is a heart-breaking story of poor children in Cambodia.
I hope that CNN does not mind my putting a bit of the story here.

Saving children from Cambodia’s trash heap

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (CNN) — Walking down a street in Cambodia’s capital city, Phymean Noun finished her lunch and tossed her chicken bones into the trash. Seconds later, she watched in horror as several children fought to reclaim her discarded food.
Noun stopped to talk with them. After hearing their stories of hardship, she knew she couldn’t ignore their plight.
“I must do something to help these children get an education,” she recalls thinking. “Even though they don’t have money and live on the sidewalk, they deserve to go to school.”
Six years after that incident, Noun is helping many of Phnom Penh’s poorest children do just that. More…

Click on the image to go to the video.


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