For Shame, for Shame, Politics Wins out over Human Life!

After all the speeches, arguments, political rhetoric and diplomatic wind blowing the USS Essex group has to prepare to leave the Burmese waters this Thursday WITHOUT delivering their precious cargo of aid.  Because of this hundreds of thousands face starvation, illness and death. I will say no more, it goes beyond words. Here is the link to the story:

U.S. ships set to leave Myanmar; aid undelivered

(CNN) — U.S. Navy ships loaded with supplies for victims of Myanmar’s cyclone will sail away from the country’s coast on Thursday, after the ruling junta refused for three weeks to allow them to deliver aid.

Adm. Timothy Keating said the USS Essex group would leave the shores of Myanmar, also known as Burma, on Thursday, but that he would leave several heavy lift aircraft in Thailand to assist international relief efforts.


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