Chief Judge Ruled President George W. Bush is a Felon

In one of my usual early morning hunts across the internet I came upon a most unusual article which made me wonder why it was not on the front pages of all national newspapers. I followed up on it and found out that there were links to this article on numerous message boards across the net which I followed and have posted here for my readers to follow.

The ruling stems from the case of Al-Harmain Islamic Foundation Inc. v Bush, a case which will now be remembered as making it official that Bush’s program of ‘warrantless spying’ is illegal.
You can go to the Democratic to follow up on this article and if you really want to sink your teeth into a mouthful go to where they have pages of material.

Here is an excerpt from the Democratic

By Jon B. Eisenberg

Jul. 09, 2008 | On July 3, Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of the U.S. District Court in California made a ruling particularly worthy of the nation’s attention. In Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation Inc. v. Bush, a key case in the epic battle over warrantless spying inside the United States, Judge Walker ruled, effectively, that President George W. Bush is a felon.

The Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation Inc. legal team: Ashlee Albies, Steven Goldberg, Bill Hancock, Zaha Hassan, Lisa Jaskol, Tom Nelson and Jon B. Eisenberg.


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