Remote Controlled Wars

woke up this morning to a rather disturbing report on CNN regarding the un-manned drones that are currently being used in Afghanistan. Above is the video, below is an excerpt of the article:

Armchair pilots striking Afghanistan by remote control

CREECH AIR FORCE BASE, Nevada (CNN) — From a desert outpost northwest of Las Vegas, elite fighter pilots journey to a war zone in Afghanistan, some 7,500 miles away.
It might be the world’s longest commute, except that these armchair pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada never leave the air-conditioned comfort of their command center.

Related articles:
Drones to Replace Human Squadron in Afghanistan?

The Air Force is touting the success of its newest armed drones flying over Afghanistan, saying that the the MQ-9 Reapers will even take over eventually for manned aircraft squadron, reports Defense Daily (subscription only).

Predator’s Big Bro Preps for War

While many hail this as a technological modern marvel in warfare I can only shake my head in dismay knowing that man has pushed the envelop even further in depersonalizing war and in essence turning it into a video game.

Here is a pilot about 7,000 miles from the war zone, sitting in an air conditioned office not far from Las Vegas monitoring his remote control drone while it engages an unsuspecting enemy who, in a matter of seconds will be blown out of existence and he will never know what hit him.

Is this to become the new face of war, remote controlled killing? It’s beginning to sound like something out of a Terminator movie, the depersonalization of war. What next, remote controlled drones for policing our cities? That one definitely sounds like a Robo Cop scenario!

Isn’t it enough that the media depersonalizes war: Depersonalizing murder

In this related article there is no mention if the aircraft are manned or unmanned though one can easily suspect the latter.

50 killed in Afghanistan air strike

At this rate I wonder if the The New Graphic Novel by Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman will in fact become our future reality!

Shooting War: The New Graphic Novel (trailer)


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