Dutch search engine wins first Euro-privacy award – Feature

While checking out news at the Earth Times. I came across a rather interesting article regarding a Dutch Search Engine, IxQuick, The article talks about it being the first company to get the European Privacy Certificate. Then something caught my eye. Here is the excerpt:

“Just ten days ago a New York court ordered YouTube to transfer data it had stored, to Viacom. This incident only confirms what IxQuick has been saying for a long time – only erasing data can guarantee privacy.”

Well, because of the terabytes of data that flow across the internet at any given moment its no wonder that I had somehow missed this particular article:

Court Orders YouTube to Give Viacom Video Logs

One of the ironies of the IxQuick article was that it mentioned that the YouTube had been ordered to transfer its data ten days ago which would make it the 4th of July, Independence Day!

Anyway, both articles are well worth reading as they pertain to the privacy issues that we must confront on a daily basis. The way things are going privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past and subject to more and more government intervention. Soon we will have one big Government Police State similar or greater than the old German Stasi!

As for IxQuick I have already added it to my Firefox list of search engines.

Dutch search engine wins first Euro-privacy award – Feature
Amsterdam – Dutch search engine IxQuick Monday became the first company to receive the newly-established European Privacy Certificate. The award, expected to become an important instrument in privacy and data protection legislation, was given to IxQuick by the European watchdog for data protection in Kiel, Germany. More…


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