BURMA: UN Missions Draw Derision

Update: July 25, 2008
For all those concerned with the current Burmese situation and the upcoming visit of Mr. Gambari please go to the following sites:



BURMA: UN Missions Draw Derision

By Marwaan Macan-Markar

BANGKOK, Jul 25 (IPS) – In their hour of despair, Burma’s beleaguered people continue to find comfort in humour. New jokes reflect new frustrations. The latest target is Ibrahim Gambari, United Nations special envoy for Burma. More…

At the same time you might want to check out this article:

Where do we go now?

It is obvious that we cannot go on the way we have for the past decades. Nothing, it seems can shift the Burma regime from their position of power. They cling to their thrones like leeches to human flesh, sucking as much blood as possible from their victims to keep themselves fat and will not let go until they are replete. They are like cancerous cells, killing the good cells until they take over the whole body, nothing will stop the SPDC from murdering innocent civilians and children in Burma just so that they get their own way. They are like cancerous cells who will survive above all else. More…


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