Morgan Freeman, why?

I watch the History channel on a regular basis and not too long ago I began seeing the latest Visa commercial who’s topic was the Olympic games that are due to start on August 8, 2008 in Beijing, China.

I normally mute commercials so as not to have to hear them. Having been in commercial art for many years I know the psychology that goes behind the making of an advertisement or commercial. They use every psychological ploy to induce the unsuspecting into buying something or signing on the dotted line.

Well, on this particular day I did not mute the commercial and all of a sudden I heard the voice of Morgan Freeman doing a commercial for Visa. This in itself was no big deal. What struck me is that he would have agreed to do the commercial knowing the track record of China regarding the Tibetans. More so when one realizes that he has starred in many films that have dealt with injustice.

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Freeman began playing prominent supporting roles in many feature films, earning him a reputation for depicting wise and fatherly characters.

Freeman supported the defeated proposal to change the Mississippi state flag, which echoes the Confederate “Stars and Bars” flag. Morgan Freeman has also worked on narrating small clips for global organizations, such as One Earth

Well you can imagine my surprise when I heard his voice in a commercial for Visa who are sponsors of the Beijing Olympic! I was not only shocked but disappointed that he had done the commercial. I would have thought the he of all people would have declined to do it. I guess I was wrong. I guess the only question I can ask is Why?
No doubt I will never get the answer as to why.

The commercial is out there, I don’t know how many other channels its on. Its public knowledge and I am certain I am not the only one out there asking this question.

I can only say that I am truly disappointed.


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2 Responses to “Morgan Freeman, why?”

  1. Val Fitzgerald Says:

    I totally agree. I hate ALL credit cards, I boycott by using cash for each and every transaction. I save on interest, penalties (these slobs gig you no matter what, the pigs) work (one easy bank statement) and a whole lot of money on top of all that, because best of all I pay less on all major purchases.

    But you can’t blame Morgan Freeman for trying to make some money off of his voice! Hell–isn’t that what actors do? And your point about China is well taken, but actually needs to be accomplished by arranging to TELEVISE a nice big protest to that effect, then photoshop it together with the Olympics, and YouTube it.

    I’ll bet that you quit being disappointed real fast, then.

  2. Karen Byrne Says:

    Unlike the person who commented about his surprise at Morgan Freeman advertising for Visa. I don’t watch the Olympics, and neither do I read “People” or any other magazine which is “concerned” about actors or actresses. That shows you how old I am since we ALL KNOW THEY ARE ALL ACTORS NOW REGARDLESS OF GENDER. Anyway, I just love Morgan Freeman’s voice, so I LOVE the commercial. Does that mean I love China and all the horrible things they do to their population — NO! NO! NO!

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