2008 Democratic National Convention

Well, it seems that all parties concerned are ready for the Big Event this coming weekend.  I speak of the Democratic National Convention. The 2008 Democratic National Convention will be held from August 25 to August 27 at Pepsi Center and on August 28 at INVESCO Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

And guess what? The battle lines have been drawn and the war room command centers are ready!!! Everyone from Activist to Lawyers. From Intelligence Agencies to the Military. Police and security companies. No doubt the city hospitals are already gearing for Emergency Mode.
They even have “The Siege” Styled confinement area’s for the many arrest they anticipate. No doubt this will be a logistical nightmare for the Denver city fathers.

Here are the various links dealing with this upcoming event:

NLG DNC People’s Law Project

The People’s Law Project (PLP) is a project of the National Lawyer’s Guild which facilitates linkage between activists needing legal services and volunteer attorneys.

Denver Convergence Center Set To Open Doors

It’s confirmed! On Wednesday August 20 the Denver Convergence Center will open its doors. This will be a safe space for our movements to converge, meet, work, discuss, plan, and celebrate. It will be open 24 hours a day during the entire Denver mobilization and will have space for folks to have meetings as well as paint signs, build puppets, hold trainings etc. There is lots more info coming about this so stay tuned


Denver Open Media will be opening its channels and webstreaming to the entire community during the DNC. DOM is temporarily waiving annual membership fee is required to cablecast content on Denver’s local access channels, 56, 57, and 219. For the week of the DNC every VOICE can be heard in Denver and throughout the world via the internet!

Activists Slam DNC Arrest Facility
Compare Denver Warehouse Outfitted For Holding Convention Protestors To A “Gulag”

DENVER, Aug. 16, 2008
(CBS/AP) The secret is out and for activists planning to protest at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, they are none too happy.

Authorities have set up a temporary jail facility to house those arrested during the convention – a city-owned warehouse on Denver’s northeast side.

Colorado ‘fusion center’ to step up intelligence gathering during DNC
Federal law enforcement and military will monitor ‘suspicious activities’ for security threats.


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