What Now?: The Russian, U.S. Stand Off

The U.S. has good reason to worry about the recent landing of two Russian Bombers in Venezuela. These are not vintage bombers left over from the cold war. They are the giant supersonic, swing-wing Tu-160 bombers.

The purpose of the aircraft is the delivery of nuclear and conventional weapons deep in continental theatres of operation. The aircraft has all-weather, day-and-night capability and can operate at all geographical latitudes.
The aircraft has an operational range of 14,000 km ( 14 000 kilometers = 8 699.19669 miles ) and a service ceiling of 16,000 m. The maximum flight speed is 2,000 km/h at high altitude and 1,030 km/h at low altitude.

With that said lets us go back 5 months to a Novinite.com report published May 25, 2008 by Stefan Fobes. Their report states that twelve South American nations have come together to form Unasur, a regional union. They are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. They even plan to have their own president and elections. Just another step to making a world government
with the continents as superstates controlled by it.
In the words of the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the move showed that South America was becoming a “global player”.

This latest move is seen by many as a retaliation for the U.S. putting strategic missile bases on Russia’s doorstep:

BUDAPEST, Aug 25 (IPS) – Following tough negotiations, the U.S. and Poland have signed a deal on extension of the U.S. missile defense system to Eastern Europe, weeks after the outbreak of the Georgian-Russian conflict.

While I’m no intelligence analyst this whole thing has the makings of a traditional stand-off, with some deadly consequences if someone hit’s the panic button.

Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack

There are many questions that come to mind regarding all these moves. Are there any Russian Naval vessels already off the coast of Venezuela? Do they include submarines?
Are there any Russian ships in Cuba or in route? One very big question is did those bombers bring any type of missiles with them or other ordinance and I don’t mean the kinds launched from bombers but from land?
I doubt it very highly that either of those two bombers would take off on some strike aimed at the U.S. since they would be spotted and shot down immediately even before getting close to the coast. As is I am certain that all spy satellites and radar are already scanning the entire Caribbean area north of South America not to mention U.S. Naval vessels and strategic air defenses.

Now the next question is What now?


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