Army Lures Civilians By Letting Them Play Soldier

The Virtual Army Experience — a traveling exhibit of the U.S. Army — has been touring the country for the past year and a half, stopping at amusement parks, air shows and county fairs. The Army, which collects information from the thousands of people who play the game, says it’s an innovative way to reach a new audience. Click here for article

But critics don’t like the idea of the military using giant videogames as a recruiting tool.

Not only are they collecting personal information of young people but they are NOT showing the flip side, the reality of war, the dead, the wounded, the broken families.

Veterans For Peace have protested against this practice. I agree with them in that we are breeding our young to become future killers without letting them know the consequences!

They are using this exhibit to make war seem like a game. This is not the sort of message our young should be getting. They should see what the true realities of war are and not be involved in fantasy games.


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