We The People


We The People

Somewhere along the past eight years the concept of the three most famous opening words of the Constitution of The United States has been lost and rewritten to We The Government.
The People have been submitted to the biggest Royal Screwing by a Non-Monarch Government in recorded history!
We have had two wars crammed down our throat’s.
We have been lied to repeatedly and yet no impeachment was ever forthcoming. One lie was enough for previous presidents.
Over 4,100 soldiers have died in those two wars to avenge the deaths of 911 by 19 terrorist, not a country, but 19 individuals, Fifteen of which were from Saudi Arabia. You will note that Saudi Arabia was never on the attack list!
Because of the profiteering by Big Business especially Big Oil obviously in collusion with the Government, our once strong nation has been reduced to a Pauper Nation that has effectively lost its status among the world powers and may very well be on the brink of collapse.
Because of the profiteering along with fraud thousands have lost their jobs, their homes, their medical coverage and a few have lost their lives, while the CEO‘s of many of the Big Corporations go off on lavish, expensive junkets and got millions in bonuses as their reward.
Somewhere along the line the current administration and its cronies have lost sight of the concept of “ We The People”.
The nation cannot bear another four years of the same. To do so would mark its demise. As is we are on the brink of an Economic Depression which I foresaw more than a year ago and have been warning against.
Now there are many economist who are sounding the panic button about the Great Bailout Plan which they feel will not work. I must agree with them. More so now that they are asking for yet another Bailout Package! And the World is Watching.

We cannot and must not permit this to continue.
We The People must be brought back into the Government Vision!!!
“We The People” must take priority over “We The Government“.
And the clock is Ticking!



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