US Special Forces launch rare attack inside Syria

Talk about a monkey wrench in the works!
Does this smell contrived to anyone?
Does anyone think this is a coincidence?
Does the timing seem odd to anyone, just before the elections!
It will be interesting to see if McCain uses this in his campaign this week.
This is the same general who said:
“We will turn the lights off here.” Marine Maj. Gen. John Kelly (IRAQ) view link

So, instead of Iran ( for now ) they are going to get us involved in a possible war with Syria!

US special forces launch rare attack inside Syria: view link

Kucinich questions timing of U.S. raid into Syria

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is questioning the timing of a reported U.S. incursion into Syrian territory. “We are on the eve of national elections and we must be mindful of the Administration’s past manipulation of security issues in order to influence public opinion,” he said.

The White House isn’t commenting on the reported attack, which is said to have occurred over the Iraqi border in Bukamal near the town of Deir Ezzor. The L.A. Times reported that while U.S. officials “would not confirm the attack, they used language typically employed after raids conducted by secretive Special Operations forces.”

Does any of this sound familiar? Does Vietnam ring a bell? How about 1968:

1968 — Laos & Cambodia. U.S. starts secret bombing campaign against targets along the Ho Chi Minh trail in the sovereign nations of Cambodia and Laos. The bombings last at least two years. (See Operation Commando Hunt)

More: 8 reportedly killed in U.S. raid inside Syria


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