U.S. Soldier Convicted in Execution-Style Murder of Iraqi Detainees

Well its the sort of thing that unfortunately takes place in every war and this one was not exception.

Posted by Liliana Segura, AlterNet at 6:45 AM on March 30, 2009.
Sgt. Joseph Mayo was sentenced to 35 years for his role in the killing, in which four Iraqis were bound, shot, and thrown in a canal.
Sgt. Mayo pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 35 years today, telling a military court that the murders were “in the best interest of my soldiers.” Read more

A second U.S. soldier was convicted today for the execution-style killing of four Iraqi detainees in 2007.

2nd US soldier convicted of murder in deaths of 4 blindfolded Iraqis; gets 35-year sentence

GEORGE FREY | Associated Press Writer
11:55 AM CDT, March 30, 2009

VILSECK, Germany (AP) — A U.S. soldier convicted of murder in the execution-style slayings of four blindfolded Iraqis apologized for shooting one of them in the back of the head, but said he acted out of concern for his fellow troops.

“Nothing is harder than losing a soldier,” Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Mayo said in closing arguments after he was found guilty of murder. “Or calling a mother or a wife and telling them that you tried, but wondering if you did enough. I apologize to the military for what I’ve done. I apologize to the soldiers; I never wanted them to have to go through this.”

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