Afghanistan 2009/ Obama’s Vietnam?

Will the American public turn on Afghanistan in 2009 the way they turned on Iraq in 2006?
That is a good point made by Peter Feaver in his article: Is Obama losing public support for Afghanistan?
The support of the issue is the public’s belief that the war can and will be won.

When the public believes the war can be won, then they will stomach mounting costs. When the public doesn’t, then mounting casualties cause public support to erode fairly quickly.
We have to bear in mind that the Russians fought the Afghans for 10 years from December 24, 1979- 1989 and were forced to withdraw after mounting international pressure and a great number of casualties on both sides, the Soviets withdrew in 1989.

In view of president Obama’s recent comments on American arrogance are we not being arrogant in thinking this war can be won, and at what cost? Are we to proceed with a “ Win AT All Cost attitude“? Are there not striking parallels between this and the Last days of Vietnam? Is it not the elite who stand the most to gain while the poor and middle class ( what is left of them ) continue to provide cannon fodder? Who will be the last to die for a lost cause? Speaking of which, what is it exactly that we are fighting for in Afghanistan? The Afghans? Most of them want the U.S. to leave. Let us not forget once the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan the U.S. lost interest, and the Afghans have not forgotten that! Revenge for 911? The participating authors of that crime died during the attack. The mastermind is still at large after eight years, and he might not even be there.

So what are we doing in Afghanistan? Advancing and protecting elite interest? Haven’t the American people suffered enough with the fiasco of the sub-prime mortgage scam that sent many to the streets homeless? Many of those were trying for the American Dream which turned to their American Nightmare! And what was it that precipitated that? Good old Capitalist Greed! Elite Interest. A chance to be at the top of another Pyramid scheme.
What is there in Afghanistan that is worth the lives of so many of our young men and women?

Afghanistan+More Troops=Catastrophe

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Antiwar Activists Split Over Obama’s Afghanistan Policy

by Gail Russell Chaddock

Washington – The anti-war movement that helped elect Candidate Obama is in the early throes of a debate over whether to ramp up again – this time, over President Obama’s plans to step up US engagement in Afghanistan.

For many activists – on and off Capitol Hill – it’s a tough call. It’s early in a new administration, they say. Even opponents of the troop buildup in Afghanistan say that they like and still trust this president. They want to give him time.


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