Right-wing groups ‘growing’ in U.S.

You have got to check out what Savage Nation is putting out!
Big Sister is Watching You (Part 1)

Here is a short excerpt:

Where is the Republican Party to protect us from this rogue Obama government? Who will be next on the list? The Navy SEALs that shot the Somali pirates? Talk show hosts? Only Big Sis knows for sure.

For those who don’t know Big Sis is Janet Napolitano who is in charge of Homeland Security.

All of this seems to be coming out of the recent reports regarding Right Wing elements which seems to be popping up all over the net. Here is just one:

Right-wing groups ‘growing’ in US
By Jon Donnison
BBC News, WashingtonAmerica could be facing a surge in right-wing extremism, according to a new US government report.

The Department of Homeland Security study says the election of America’s first black president and the economic slump has helped racist groups recruit.


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