The video Shell doesn’t want you to see…

On the page where this video is was presented, they offered “special thanks to filmmaker Glenn Ellis, for extensive footage from two important documentaries made by Catma Films, The Drilling Fields (1994) & Delta Force (1995), and to photographer Ed Kashi, for use of his photographs.”
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May 21, 2009

Fourteen years after the execution of the Nigerian author and advocate Ken Saro-Wiwa by Nigeria’s former military regime, Royal Dutch Shell will appear before a federal court in New York to answer charges of crimes against humanity in connection with his death.

Update: Posted here on May 21, 2009
May 26, 2009: The Wiwa v. Shell trial was originally scheduled to begin on May 27, 2009. On May 26, Chief Judge Kimba Wood ordered the trial postponed; she did not yet set a new trial date but set a hearing date for June 1, 2009 and stated that the earliest that jury selection will […]

The Drilling Fields

The Niger Delta, home to six million people, has been exploited for its oil resources for over 30 years. The Ogoni people who live there have become dissatisfied with the resulting pollution and the military government that ignored them. But in 1993 the inhabitants of the Delta began an international campaign against the ruling government and the oil companies that were taking over their land, Ogoni villages were destroyed and their leader Ken Saro-Wiwa was arrested

Delta Force

Nigeria’s military government attracted international condemnation for its oppression of the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta. Ogoni villages were destroyed, their inhabitants indiscriminately killed and Ogoni leader and writer Ken Saro-Wiwa held in prison for over a year on a dubious murder charge and later executed.

As always it is the poor indigenous people of the world who pay the ultimate price for the sake of progress!!!


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