U.S. in another Coup?


I just came over from Aldo Vidali’s Luminous Compass where I found a very rare video of John Kennedy from his days in office where he gives the system a true lambasting. I dare say Republicans must have been soiling their pants at this one and are probably regretting that it has resurfaced. Especially now!! Eva Colinger is on the prowl again this time in Nicaragua and pointing out that the U.S. is up to its old tricks again. I wonder if anyone in the White House is savy to any coup attempts down in South America? It seems to me that there is some rattling of War Drums in the air.

You might want to go over to the Luminous Compass and read the latest.

The Dangerous View Ahead

You might also want to check out these articles. They are in Spanish but not a good translator can’t handle.

EEUU manipula a sociedad civil en Nicaragua, dice experta

“No debemos de ceder espacios”

Nicaragua denuncia financiamiento de EE  UU

Chaves might want to tighten up the borders for any “Spooks”. No doubt they are already crawling around. Remember 2002!!!


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