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Graphic Video/ Police officer shoots and kills man in Puerto Rico

August 14, 2007
The Associated Press Published:
August 13, 2007 document.(”SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico:

The FBI said Monday it is investigating an incident caught on video showing a policeman wrestling an apparently unarmed man to the ground then shooting him dead.
Agents are interviewing officers and witnesses and are trying to obtain an original copy of the video, FBI spokesman Harry Rodriguez said.
The video, which was broadcast on a local news program, shows an officer standing over a man lying face-down and shooting him at least three times — once in the head.
“We have enough information to start that investigation,” said Puerto Rico’s FBI director Luis Fraticelli. He said the bureau will look into “possible illegal acts involving police brutality or the excessive use of force.”
Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice also is investigating.