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April 23, 2008

It is an eerie feeling that I experience every time I sit down in the wee hours of the morning in the isolation of the country and go through the vast repository of mans knowledge known as the world wide web. I say eerie and rightly so because with this vastness of knowledge it is always mans base instincts that seem to march forth and create havoc among mankind. Like something out of Revelations. War, famine, pestilence and misery. Yet we all know that these are all mans doing. Just like religion which was fashioned in the dawn of man to control man, this too is of mans doing.

I have watched for many years, researching, analyzing and knowing deep in my heart and intelligence that these times would come. And like always politics has come to the forefront to blind the masses with rhetoric and flowery speeches and promises that can never be kept and offering bandages for horrific social chest wounds that the very same politicians have brought about. And as has been the case throughout all of mankind’s history the masses plod forward in their ignorance, for fear of thinking, and latch onto whatever crumbs of hope the politicians let fall in their goals of achieving the 1% bracket!

Well, the time is upon us to pay the Piper! It’s begun!
The first signs were the Wars that are raging throughout the earth. Then came the continual rise in prices of all commodities. Now the food riots have begun!

The current statistics for the world population are 6,663,107,526 souls!
Keep that figure in mind the next time you step out through your door ( if you still have a home ) to get food. There are already millions of hungry people out there, and I for one have seen the face of hunger in my younger years and know full well how it over-rides all other instincts and forces man into the desperate survival mode which is blinded to all else.


Here I present you with mans latest production of his vast knowledge and greed!

The veil has indeed lifted.

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