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The Insurance Dilemma

July 30, 2008

It would seem that the issue of cuts in medical benefits is more wide spread than I had thought. I had just recently begun hunting across the Net on a hunch that there was more to this than meets the eye and I was right.
At first I had problems zeroing in on benefit cuts due largely to how I was searching. I had zeroed in on the unions but soon discovered that was not the way to go. The majority of them are more tight lipped than clams. I then switched tactics and began using different tag words and I immediately began getting results. The main tag line I used was: Medical benefits being cut. That got me tons of results. Then to zero in even more I added the month date in this case it was July 2008 like this:
Medical benefits being cut July 2008. That lead me to the latest results and they were scary as I had suspected.
I went one step further and type in a new search term: insurance companies cutting medical benefits July 2008 and things got even scarier! There was even something called: A guide to insurance company denials and medical loss ratios.
I checked that out and it’s a site well worth visiting. There was a line there that immediately got my attention: The for-profit insurance industry serves investors–not you and not me. That automatically gives you an idea as to what the insurance companies will be thinking of in the coming months.
There is one thing that I have learned about insurance companies throughout my life and that is that they will wine and dine you all the way to the dotted line. When the time comes for the pay-out they will fight you tooth and nail to the point of dragging you to court and beware if you are an ethnic! You can check this out:


Here is another one:
Report Says Minorities Get Lower-Quality Health Care
I am certain that the insurance industry has some sort of Bible of Denial that they refer to where every conceivable reason for denying an insurance claim is alphabetically listed.
Though I am talking about medical benefits here this would include all the other types of insurance as many Katrina survivors can attest to. Check this out: Katrina Victims Face Insurance Delays, Denials

Many will recall the reports of the mass denials that took place after Katrina by insurance companies.
As for medical insurance beware! The insurance companies are already drawing up plans on how to cut benefits and increase premiums and I have no doubts that the backroom discussions include the unions and doctors. Here is an example: Insurance Companies To Cut Off Fibromvalgia Coverage.

This one is worth looking into also: Sununu Backs Insurance Companies Over Seniors, Votes Against Medicare Bill Again.

You’ll love this one:
Insurance Cancellation Questions Could Spread Beyond California.

The list goes on and on!
I truly begin to think that the only people that insurance companies will insure are the Biblical Figures of old who lived hundreds of years thereby assuring the continuance of the insurance company!
It well might be that the only way to be guaranteed any insurance coverage would be to be an investor in an insurance company. I doubt they would try to screw one of their own investors, or would they?


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