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Aims of possible Al Qaeda linked group trouble U.S. military

November 24, 2008

One begins to wonder what exactly is the role of al-Shabab in the most recent news out of Somalia regarding the oil tanker that was hijacked and is being held for ransom.  Al-Shabab claims that the tanker should not have been taken because it belongs to a Muslim country.  They claim they are there to retake it but others are beginning to have doubts about this.  Some feel they are there to share in the ransom. Now the Pentagon is expressing concerns.

November 24th, 2008
Posted: 08:14 AM ET
By Barbara Starr
CNN Pentagon Correspondent

WASHINGTON (CNN) — U.S. military officials are expressing concern Monday that Somali militants believed to be potentially affiliated with al Qaeda are now saying they will get involved in the hijacking of a Saudi supertanker off the coast of Africa. ”We’re certainly concerned about the interest of Islamic extremists in piracy,” said a U.S. military official watching developments closely. More…