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January 16, 2009

Update: Jan.16,2009:

Ex-officer pleads not guilty in BART shooting

OAKLAND, California (CNN) — A former police officer for the Bay Area transit system pleaded not guilty Thursday in the New Year’s Day shooting of a passenger at an Oakland rail station.

Johannes Mehserle, 27, appeared in a packed Alameda County courtroom, with his supporters separated by a courtroom aisle from relatives of shooting victim Oscar Grant III and other spectators. Mehserle is charged with shooting Grant, 22, in an incident that spurred violent protests in Oakland after being captured on video.

I have been tuning onto this story and it is very similar to an incident that took place in Puerto Rico where likewise a policeman shot and killed an unarmed who was detained and not resisting arrest.

It is insane that the police departments across the nation still permit such individuals on their forces. They must have some idea as to the psychological make-up of their own people.

Well, here is what I was able to gather:

Ex-BART cop charged with platform murder

A former transit police officer has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting of an unarmed and allegedly restrained black man in a racially charged case that has outraged residents and community leaders and set off violent protests.

oscar-grantFrom Facebook:
On the first day of the New Year, Oscar Grant, a 22 year-old black man, was murdered by a white BART officer at the Lake Merritt BART station. Grant and several other men were removed from a BART train by BART police following a fight. Video footage from passengers on the train shows Grant and the other men sitting against the wall, surrounded by three BART cops. Grant was unarmed and not resisting, but he was forced to lie face-down on the ground by the BART police. With one cop holding him down, the other cop shot him in the back at pointblank range, execution-style, in front of scores of witnesses. As Grant lay on the ground, dying, the cops handcuffed him! Cellphone video footage taken by BART passengers shows how, during the arrest and shooting, the cops ignored outraged passengers’ furious demands to release Grant and the other young men the cops had pulled off the BART train.


Cop shoots & Kill unarmed Man (Oscar Grant)


Oakland police vs. rioters

Riots In Oakland Over Police Shooting Of Unarmed Man


Police Beating Caught on Tape

August 12, 2008

The West Palm Beach, Florida police department has released a video that shows a robbery suspect being kicked and punched repeatedly by 3 officers back in May. (August 11) Bear in mind that this actually took place in May and now is when it hit the net.