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Colombia eyes UN help as Chavez readies army ‘for war’

November 9, 2009

BOGOTA (AFP) – Colombia is to seek UN help after Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez instructed his military to ready “for war.”
“Faced with these threats of war by the government of Venezuela, the government of Colombia is weighing heading to the Organization of American States and UN Security Council,” said a statement from President Alvaro Uribe, read out by his spokesman Cesar Velasquez on Sunday.

What Now?: The Russian, U.S. Stand Off

September 13, 2008

The U.S. has good reason to worry about the recent landing of two Russian Bombers in Venezuela. These are not vintage bombers left over from the cold war. They are the giant supersonic, swing-wing Tu-160 bombers.

The purpose of the aircraft is the delivery of nuclear and conventional weapons deep in continental theatres of operation. The aircraft has all-weather, day-and-night capability and can operate at all geographical latitudes.
The aircraft has an operational range of 14,000 km ( 14 000 kilometers = 8 699.19669 miles ) and a service ceiling of 16,000 m. The maximum flight speed is 2,000 km/h at high altitude and 1,030 km/h at low altitude.

With that said lets us go back 5 months to a report published May 25, 2008 by Stefan Fobes. Their report states that twelve South American nations have come together to form Unasur, a regional union. They are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. They even plan to have their own president and elections. Just another step to making a world government
with the continents as superstates controlled by it.
In the words of the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the move showed that South America was becoming a “global player”.

This latest move is seen by many as a retaliation for the U.S. putting strategic missile bases on Russia’s doorstep:

BUDAPEST, Aug 25 (IPS) – Following tough negotiations, the U.S. and Poland have signed a deal on extension of the U.S. missile defense system to Eastern Europe, weeks after the outbreak of the Georgian-Russian conflict.

While I’m no intelligence analyst this whole thing has the makings of a traditional stand-off, with some deadly consequences if someone hit’s the panic button.

Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack

There are many questions that come to mind regarding all these moves. Are there any Russian Naval vessels already off the coast of Venezuela? Do they include submarines?
Are there any Russian ships in Cuba or in route? One very big question is did those bombers bring any type of missiles with them or other ordinance and I don’t mean the kinds launched from bombers but from land?
I doubt it very highly that either of those two bombers would take off on some strike aimed at the U.S. since they would be spotted and shot down immediately even before getting close to the coast. As is I am certain that all spy satellites and radar are already scanning the entire Caribbean area north of South America not to mention U.S. Naval vessels and strategic air defenses.

Now the next question is What now?

Chavez Farc hostage plan approved

December 27, 2007

Wednesday, 26 December 2007, 23:29 GMT

The Colombian government has approved a plan by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to send planes into Colombia to pick up rebel-held hostages.
The Colombian rebel group, Farc, said it would free two hostages and a child but only to Mr Chavez.  More…

What Now Venezuela?

December 3, 2007

Like everyone else I woke up a little while ago to the final news from Venezuela that voters rejected constitutional reform. The Spanish links are here, here and here. Everyone will note that the margin was a very narrow one, roughly 1%. This makes me wonder as to what the people are really thinking. We are not talking a great majority here, just 1%. What does this tell us? According to these figures it would indicate that roughly one half of the country is in favor of their current system and the other half is not. That is of course if the votes actually represented the over 26 million inhabitants, which I strongly doubt. There are also Chavez’s own ominous word that there is a long battle ahead! This gives the impression that the Big Experiment in Socialism might not be over yet. He might have accept this vote publicly but what are his private thoughts? While I am no expert on Latin American affairs I am somewhat suspicious of that 1% that tipped the scale. How was it that this came about? Was there some outside intervention here as has been the case in other South American elections of the past? Did the votes actually represent the PEOPLE or the right wing, big business or foreign interest? The reports are that there was a low voter turn-out.

We will have to keep an eye on the on-going situation in Venezuela and see how things pan out from this point onward. The book has not been closed in this matter, we have merely  gone on to the next chapter!

Hackers still at it in Venezuela

July 14, 2007


As can be seen from the screen shots above the Hackers are still at it in Venezuela. This one blatantly states, ” HACKED BY JOSE “. Below is a screen shot of Akamai Real Time Monitor showing net attacks around the world. The light areas are the high attack zones and as can be seen Venezuela is under siege! You will note that China is in the same predicament.


A Treat from Maestro Vidali

July 7, 2007

Hugo Chaves and The Devil’s Recipe

by Aldo Vidali
Permission to re-publish
granted by Author A.V
To Hunterseeker


First an introduction to Aldo Vidali:

Documentary film director, boat builder and sea voyager, publisher, linguist, political and environmental activist, father, and eclectic writer. In 2003 Maestro Vidali formed the Fellini-Antonioni Studio in Northern California where he trains aspiring directors and actors in the Fellini Way. See full CV.


A different language is a different vision of life. Federico Fellini

To understand the connection between Hugo Chavez, the most progressive living head of state and Federico Fellini, the greatest film director who left this lunatic planet at the end of the 20th Century, we must be aware that the world’s mass media — controlled by a self-serving, cunning, and therefore unintelligent elite — has managed to cover up the scheme for hegemony, oppression, and pillage of humanity. Fellini and Chavez have pierced the veil and trumped the evil ones: Fellini using cine-magic; and Chavez using showmanship woven with temerity, vision, and concern for humanity.


Federico Fellini saw right through the false front of elite owned media. He nullified idiotic opinions and criticism as “empty noise” by showing his love for humanity through his amazing films. Audiences knew Fellini was sincere, modest, and exuberant with imagination. The similarity between Fellini and Hugo Chavez is not only in terms of courage, imagination, and historical perception, but also in their accurate understanding of human suffering in their time. Fellini changed the culture with the power of his art, demolishing fascist images by exposing the mindless greed and arrogance of the rich. Similarly, although in a different milieu, Hugo does not compromise with injustice. With penetrating eloquence, he speaks truth to the world.


Fellini’s Dantesque voyage in the other world, where he conceived the most famous, never produced film script, left hopeful answers to the troubling questions of our time. I had the privilege of sharing the early stages of that strange voyage. In his last film, “The Voice of the Moon,” Fellini shows humanity’s lunacy and again points a way to redemption and sanity.





The remarkable President of Venezuela lays bare the lies of imperialism and warns the world against the consolidation of a diabolical global dictatorship. Chavez’ power, like Fellini’s, flows from his love of the people, which was proven to be mutual when, in 2002, millions of Venezuelans rushed to his defense from a deadly U.S.-sponsored coup.


Hugo’s Fellinesque talent was artfully demonstrated in the manner in which he spoke before the UN General Assembly on January 20, 2007. From that pulpit, he appropriately called the President of the U.S. “the Devil” and dramatized the danger of America’s imperialist aggression. His comments on Bush’s speech before that body, i.e., “as if he were the owner of the world” included a suggestion for an eloquent title to the U.S.’s Alfred Hitchcock-style horror agenda for world domination: “The Devil’s Recipe.” The ovation that followed from the representatives of most nations will be remembered with the same delight one feels when revisiting Fellini’s great scenes in La Dolce Vita or The Clowns.






I downloaded the speech from the UN archive to show friends who might have missed Hugo’s great performance. Just as Fellini is to cinema what Shakespeare is to the theater, so Chavez is to neo-colonialist U.S. oppressors what Simon Bolivar was to imperialist Spain. To understand Chavez’s dream, one must know more about Bolivar.


In the early 1800’s, Simon Bolivar, the George Washington of South America, cut the chains of the brutal Spanish imperial domination and opened independence to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and Bolivia. Like Bolivar, El Liberador, Hugo Chavez is dedicated to liberating Latin America from its new oppressor. He recognizes that neo-colonialism, under cover of “free trade,” is devouring the world for the profit of a greedy few who hide behind corporate veils and operate by secret agreements. Indeed, if every country consumed what America consumes, it would take seven planets like our Earth to meet this level of consumption. Chavez’s new compact of non-aligned nations, free from the strings of the World Bank and the WTO, seeks to create a different world, one in which the Commonwealth and public communication networks are restored.


When it comes to public communications networks, capitalist-fascists not only want to control all means of communication (including the Internet), but they go so far as to deliberately distort language by projecting deceitful frames through the mass media they control. To combat this sinister propaganda and to protect Democracy, progressives must constantly expose and neutralize these lies as fast as they are fabricated.


American constitutional values have always been liberal and progressive, however, the Republican-controlled media in America has succeeded over the past four decades in subverting the meaning of many words. “Liberal,” for example, has been debased by repetition of false frames like: “tax and spend liberal,” “limousine liberal,” “latte liberal,” “liberal elite,” “immoral liberal,” and other nasty metaphors intended to smear liberals in the public mind.


A second example is the world “socialism,” distorted by propaganda for over half century to evoke the “Soviet Bolshevik” image of a dictatorship that confiscates private property without compensation and changes the ideal of equal rights into a red-fascist nightmare — which by the way, was financed by Western capitalists, including Standard Oil, IBM, Krupp, and the likes of Bush’s grandfather Prescott.


The reaction of tyrants is quick, so when Chavez said: “Socialism is Love!” the lurid U.S. press immediately called him a wannabe Castro communist. The fact that Chavez is doing business with Cuba is trumped as proof of that lie. Tellingly, no American media whore seems to notice that the U.S. is doing business with Communist China, while isolating Cuba for over 50 years — no matter how much our embargo may hurt the Cuban people — to avenge the interests of sugar and gambling industries. “Socialism is Love!” These three words speak volumes about Chavez’s heart and about Latin America’s peaceful revolution for unity, justice, and freedom.


For the sake of brainwashed audiences, it is necessary to add “democratic” before “socialism” – democratic socialism — to deflect the nasty reactionary deception created by pharisaic liars, who even succeeded in poisoning many in the Democratic Party. This includes U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who made a dumb comment to the National Press Club in Washington, to the effect that Venezuela is a threat to the world because “Chavez and Castro want to put their leftist marks on young democracies.” Like the typical politician in the United States of Amnesia, Reid forgets how brutally the U.S. government crushed democracies in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, and Panama for the benefit of its corporate owners.


With the same deft imagination as Fellini, Chavez — while in Brazil attending a summit of 10 South American leaders — responded: the Nevada Democrat was full of it. As President of Venezuela, Chavez wants to put the leftist stamp on the people, those the imperialist gringos don’t understand because of fear and ignorance. “I think this leftist stamp in Latin America,” he added, “is going to spread throughout the world because only the Left can provide the transformation we need.”


The constant nauseating falsity of U.S. mass media would make Hitler and Stalin envious. Its brainwashing effect compels us to qualify Chavez’s statement, “Socialism is Love,” by expanding it to its full meaning: “Democratic Bolivarian Socialism is love for humanity.” A merciful vision of hope for the poor everywhere of soon regaining their human dignity and God-given rights. Every human soul is entitled to a just share of the fruits of this earth and to equality of opportunity. Predictably, the fascist media will call this last statement “communist.”


The Venezuelan revolution is creating a new kind of Democratic Socialism where freedom and justice are real, not just empty words recited by dreamers. Not like the words of a pledge of allegiance to a flag that no longer stands for constitutional government, let alone freedom and justice. The flag of a nation the deluded believe is the only nation under God. Every nation must be under God to exist — this escapes their sectarian concept of God. Sadly, there is no end to idiocy among fanatics and pseudo-patriotic fascists.


Hugo Chavez is right: Democratic Socialism is indeed Love! It is love for those who had no food and now can eat. It is love for children who had no doctor and now are taken care of. It is love for fathers who had no work and now can earn a living for their families. It is love for the natives of the Orinoco River region now protected by their brother Hugo from the brutality of foreign oil companies. It is love for all who love justice.


With his proclamation of love for the people Hugo Chavez makes it clear that the ultimate aim of the Bolivarian Revolution is to end centuries of imperialist abuse, exploitation, and killings in the Americas and open that rich southern continent to the vivifying wind of economic opportunity, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all its people.


That revolutionary wind will — with the support of civilized people everywhere — sweep across the Americas into one great union and restore dignity and human rights to all souls. And if Hugo’s vision is correct, that wind will renew this planet into a new age of real civilization. The time has come for good people everywhere to rush to the aid of Hugo Chavez and the other champions of justice so that the revolutionary spirit may sweep across the earth and wash away the stench of torture chambers, the assassins School of the Americas (renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation or WHINSEC), the mass graves created by the CONDOR murder operation — with which South American dictators like Pinochet, supported by U.S. neo-fascists like Kissinger and the School of the Americas, spread terrorism with death squads. That blessed wind may soon blow with hurricane force to end unregulated exploitation and privatization of our endangered planet. We who believe in life and liberty are called upon to help create a real civilization together.


Simon Bolivar admired George Washington and our Founding Fathers and dreamed of a great South American continental federation equivalent to the United States. The nine years between 1821 and 1830 found him struggling to defeat the selfishness of landowners – the same kind of corruption of democracy that plagues America now. Bolivar’s writings show that he believed in limited government, separation of powers, freedom of religion, responsible and regulated property rights, and the rule of law.


Chavez shares that philosophy: To own property should not give anyone the right to harm the environment or to violate the rights of others to find sustenance upon the planet. Ownership implies responsible guardianship.


Ending oppression and restoring the commonwealth for the common good are as much a Bolivarian dream as they are a part of the unfulfilled American Dream. Hugo Chavez stands on the same high ground as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King.


The recent crescendo of calumnies hissed by fascist media snakes against the President of Venezuela has been pulverized by Chavez’s massive 63% re-election landslide. Clearly, the people love Chavez because he kept his promises.


Thomas Paine, one of this country’s greatest Founding Fathers, wrote: “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” Hence, it can be said that to call Bush “the Devil,” as Chavez did, was a moderate insult. Just as Satan challenged Job’s fidelity, maybe BushDevil asked God to test the U.S.’s fidelity to its principles of justice for all and we miserably failed?


We offer here the wisdom of the wise carpenter from Nazareth — an honest man if ever there was one and, as Chavez sees him, the greatest loving socialist in all of history. We refer to Jesus’ words regarding the right (and obligation?) of the abused to insult oppressors and hypocrites, just as he did, according to Scripture, when he called the reactionary rightwing conservative extremists of his time, the Pharisees, “whitened sepulchers!”


Think about it: being compared to the stench of decaying corpses is a far stronger insult than Chavez calling Bush “the Devil” (while making the protective sign of the cross). Bravo, Hugo! Your honesty puts most current politicians to shame. Keep it up. (We were also amused when you called Condoleeza Rice: “Little girl!”)


Talking of phony politicians, let us point the finger at another Democrat in the new Congress: Nancy Pelosi, who, in a knee jerk reaction to Chavez’s exposing Bush’s diabolical nature, opened her silly mouth to call Chavez a “thug.” This merely proves that Michael Moore was accurate when he said that “Republicans are gangsters and Democrats are pimps.” Any Democrat who opposes impeaching the worst criminal president in our history makes a mockery of America’s claim to be a country of laws and becomes a de facto accomplice in all of Bush’s crimes.


Impeachment is an absolute imperative for self-respecting Democrats if this nation is to ever hold its head high again. Unfortunately, sanity may prove impossible in a nation where power shifts between gangsters and pimps.
Something Went Wrong


In 2002, something went wrong in Venezuela when Big Oil (BO) tried to steal the world largest petroleum reserve. BO’s obedient puppet in the White House went to work setting up one more CIA coup, with all the usual trimmings, including a military kidnapping and planned murder to quickly remove democratically elected president Hugo Chavez, but this time, it didn’t work.


Not like it had in 1973 against Salvador Allende in Chile, and in 2004, with the kidnapping of Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide.


The White House hides much coagulated blood under its carpets. Nothing new.
Hundreds of thousands of peasants and other Central American citizens massacred in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
Numbers alone never tell the full horror of these blood baths, which our “free press” concealed.


The horrid 1954 slaughter in Quiche Province, where the U.S. supported the death squad murder of an entire village’s population. Men decapitated, women raped and killed, children’s skulls crushed with stones.


Nor did scum-pundit Tom Brokaw from his NBC pulpit ever tell the American people about the 1989 Panama Massacre during the office of scum-prez Bush, Sr.
5000 civilians murdered by surprise bombing of crowded neighborhoods, using the lame excuse that the U.S. was trying to rein in Noriega’s money laundering operation.
All these horror stories and many more our media never told us.
What is hidden shall be revealed. Documents, once swept under the rug, are now surfacing.


Yes, something went terribly wrong for Washington in 2002.
In Caracas, people got wind of the coup in time to take to the streets and save their democracy and their President from a gringo fascist plot.


Hugo Chavez was rescued by his own people because he is a true revolutionary leader, as defined by master educator Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed), because he is united with his people at the heart. The oppressed, working with a great leader, represent the one hope for humanity’s ultimate liberation from greed, despotism, and terror. As Freire has written, “True solidarity is found only in the plenitude of this act of love … dialogue cannot exist in the absence of a profound love for the world and its people.” Fellini expressed the same principle when answering a priest who asked if he was a Christian: “If by Christian you mean love toward one’s neighbor, yes, all my films revolve around that idea.”


So, Godspeed, great New Liberator of Latin America. Free men and women everywhere stand with you, believing that a different world is possible.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Has Been Busy

July 5, 2007

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been rather busy these days between trips to various nations and decision making on the home-front issues. Here are some of the latest links:

Through strong enforcement of Venezuela’s tax system everyone now pays

Thursday, July 05, 2007 / 4:36:53 AM

Media Mogul Learns to Live With Chávez

Published: July 5, 2007

Brazil’s president to ease tensions with Chavez over Mercosur trade bloc

Published: July 4, 2007

Governments eye big profits Updated: 11:42 p.m. ET July 4, 2007

Lula wants to speak with Chávez

Caracas, Wednesday July 04 , 2007

Hugo Chavez Prefers Russian Oil and Lenin
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Venezuela, The Next War?

July 2, 2007
July 2, 2007

Lately I have begun to look into the situation that has been developing in Venezuela and oddly enough it reminds me of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Kennedy Era.

President Hugo Chaves seems to have been striking all sorts of deals across the world with Russia, Belarus, and Iran. The best known is his deal for 9 Russian submarines, 5 Project 636 diesel submarines, and 4 Project 637 Amur submarines not to mention the various fighter jets and helicopters and 100,000 AK 103 automatic rifles.

In Belarus Chavez is scheduled to sign 7 agreements including military-technical cooperation, trade and economic ties. He was also scheduled to have possible talks about an air defense system equipped with radar and anti-aircraft missiles.

As I write this commentary president Hugo Chavez has already met with Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Iran. Both Venezuela and Iran are members of OPEC wherein the countries’ leaders share an anti-American stance.

All of this has been taking place prior to and during Vladimir Putins visit with President Bush in the family compound in Maine. None of this has met with any approval on the Hill and has strained U.S., Russian relations.

A lesser known bit of news, though it is out there on the net especially within oil industry reports and journals is Russian gas giant Gazprom signing of a $US 23 BLN contract with its Brazilian and Venezuelan counterparts to build a 10,000 km pipeline, set to be the largest oil project in the region. Venezuela – home of the Orinoco belt – holds the world’s largest oil reserves ( see note below ) , and has become one of Russia’s main energy partners in South America. All this after ConocoPhillips & Exxon Mobil Corp. were forced to leave and there are many in the U.S. that openly say that Venezuelan oil assets in the U.S. should be frozen or taken over.

As can be seen all of this is reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Kennedy Era. There we were on the brink of nuclear war and the situation was very similar. Let us not forget the current crisis of U.S. deployed missiles in Eastern Europe which is being protested by Russia.

I ask myself, where is all this leading? Apart from the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possible war with Iran will Venezuela be next on the list?
I must say that this all points to a sad state of world affairs in our current times with tensions constantly being stretched to breaking both in the U.S. and abroad.


After some research the statement of Venezuela being the worlds  largest oil reserve was found not to be correct. This information had been obtained from the Russia Today article on Chaves’ trip to Russia.  Upon researching the statement I discovered the error and was able to obtain the correct information at:

Info ( )

Venezuela actually ranks 7th.  The worlds  largest oil reserve is in fact in Saudi Arabia followed by Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirate and Venezuela.

Students Request Authentic Freedom

June 4, 2007
Caracas, Junio 4 de 2007
Maria Eugenia Brandy
English translation, for original text go to 

For today Monday June 4 is summoned a march from the Plaza Brión de Chacaito to the Supreme Court of Justicia (TSJ). The concentration is scheduled for the 11 in the morning, various  student leaders informed from diverse universities of the capital city . On the matter, Alexis Cabrera, representative of the Simón University Bolivar (USB), explained that the long walk has as its aim “to present  a document where it ask that they pronounce themselves in favor of the freedom of expression, in favor of the freedom of protest and guaranteeing to the university young people, to all the Venezuelans, the fulfillment of their civil rights”.
On the other hand, Rayma Lopez, student of the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, indicated that  the corresponding authorities had already  been given the pertinent notification. we demand that they protect us because we always go to a civic, pacific protest and demanding the freedom and the civic rights (…) of all the Venezuelan population .
Also, tomorrow, Tuesday June 5 there will be a concentration of students on a national level at 9 in the morning, for  a march that will leave from the seat of the Rectorado in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and will arrive at the Palace of the Academies, right in front of Asamblea Nacional (AN), indicated Jesús Hermoso, student of social communication of the UCV. It is important to indicate that Gabriel Gallo, student leader of the University Santa Maria (USM), rejected the declarations of pro-government spokesmen, who accused the young people of being manipulated by competing sectors. “I want to emphasis that we are not being manipulated by any political sector”. In this sense, he accepted the proposal to a debate made by the students who get along with president Chávez. He invited those who challenge them to go to their houses of studies to make the activity.

Venezuelan Government Web Sites are Hacked Protesting RCTV Closing

June 2, 2007


The following was translated into English from the

Luis Francisco Indriago web site.

Go to that site for original article in Spanish


In the afternoon of June 1, 2007 various government web sites were discovered to have been “hacked” in protest over the closing of RCTV.
The hacked government web sites were:
At the moment of this writing the sites were still under “ Maintenance ”.



On one site the hacker identified himself as Aleck Borak, on another as Lutor and on the third as Söad.
It would appear that three distinct individuals acted in coordination as the attacks were different in each case.

According to the web site established by the hackers to announce their activities they had also taken action against
However this could not be verified since the site was still on the net and did not appear to have been tampered with.
Additionally a Spanish web site that specializes in Chess was also hacked to show an image against the closing of RCTV. The site had been hacked due to a minor vulnerability and had nothing to do with the Venezuelan government or RCTV.


The activities took place in the afternoon but by 08: 22 p.m.( Venezuelan time – 00:22 GMT ) the Defensoría del Pueblo had been attacked for a second time as reported by a chat room user. Other threats were made in the same chat room to the television station Venezolana de Televisión, and the Ministerio de Comunicaciones e Información.
By (10:37 p.m. / 02:37 GMT): three more sites had been hacked. They were:, , .
The hacker identified himself as  KX-T33.